Lynn and Lawrence is Jessica Lynn Barensfeld and Simon Lawrence Howell plus our 2 cats as side kicks. Brooklyn, New York is where we call home. Jessie grew up in Manhattan and Simon in Yorkshire, England. Together we have brought Old York and New York a little closer. We love great beanies, colors, the sea and outdoors, camping, surfing, road trips and friends. Each of our hats are lovingly hand knit in Alpaca by a team of knitters Yorkshire, England. We model our styles from the traditional hand knit fisherman's "woolly" - a look from when times were a bit more simple. Each hat is delicately tagged and numbered on the inside and comes with a limited edition, color book-zine. We decided to keep our logos on the inside of our hats, our feeling is you will know when its a Lynn and Lawrence hat. ENJOY!

xx Si & J

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